One of the many traits we looked for when gathering our incredible collection of instructors was their ability to actually TEACH. Its possible to be highly trained at a skill...and yet make a terrible teacher. We looked for individuals who: maintain calm under pressure, are equally skilled at sharing their "art" as they are at performing the "art", possess a "low ego" (making them easy to communicate with), comfortable teaching both men and women of varying levels of experience, are of the highest ethical fiber and are just solid citizens!

Mr. Brown fit our requirements to a "T"! Not only is he an instinctive instructor with a heigthened respect for range safety, he's also so damn qualified, talented and smooth with his's easy to see why some of us nicknamed him "Wick"! Watching this gentleman shoot and move through a building is like watching water flow through a rocky stream...effortless.

Mr. Brown is responsible for a vast portion of the training/qualifications of the SRT he's Team Leader on as an Officer at Williamsport Police Department. However, when teaching civilians, he specializes at teaching those who are just getting started with firearms, and individuals who are having trouble working out "gremlins". His classes/clinics are typically single-day events, and class size is always kept under 12. We often host "women only" clinics with Mr. Brown as he's very easy for most women to learn from.

For photos of a number of clinics Mr. Brown has taught for us, please be sure to check out or GALLERY page!


USMC: Infantryman with 2nd Marine Division, 1st Battalion 6th Marines. Conducted several training missions within the US and Worldwide, to include North Carolina, South Carolina, California, Panama, Okinawa Japan, Israel, and the Adriatic Sea. During my service I was promoted to Corporal (E-4) where I was a squad leader. In 1995 I was part of a reactionary force for the Panama Canal. I Conducted several training operations with Panama and was tasked as a reactionary force in the event the Panama Canal was attacked. I provided security for any potential riots or uprisings in Panama City. In 1994 I was attached to 1/6 Bravo Company small craft platoon. I conducted small craft waterborne operations with Combat Rubber Recon Crafts (Zodiacs). I conducted training operations in South Carolina waterways, North Carolina waterways, Atlantic Ocean, Adriatic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Some of the training included beach insertions and extractions, ship boarding and launching, and reconnaissance operations.

PA Dept. of Corrections (Corrections Officer): Responsible for the health and safety of several hundred inmates inside SCI Mahanoy. Conducted security checks, enforced policies and procedures, evaluated inmates, conducted searches and gathered intelligence involving illegal activity or policy violations within the DOC. Was a member of the D.O.C. Correctional Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.). Conducted cell extractions as well as riot control and crowd management within the prison.

Williamsport Police Department (Police Officer): Police officer serving the City of Williamsport and Lycoming County within various roles to include Patrol, Vice Narcotics, Community Policing, Criminal Interdiction and SRT (SWAT).
• Member of the Williamsport Police Special Response Team. Assigned as the Team Leader for the Williamsport Police / Lycoming County Special Response Team. Responsible for leading team members in several subjects, to include but not limited to; threat assessment, target scouting missions, development of detailed operations, detailed order operation briefings, operation rehearsals, pre-mission inspections, threat assessments and critical incident command. Responsible for training team members in several disciplines to include, but not limited to; entry tactics, hostage rescue operations, barricaded subject operations, high risk warrant service –high risk apprehension operations, high risk security operations, terrorism response operations, WMD tactical operations, less-lethal certification, advanced firearms skills and qualifications, flash bang certification, team movement and entry tactics, riot control and civil disturbance, active killer response and other subjects associated with Special Weapons and Tactics. I am responsible for the team during operations and the resolution in critical incidents and callouts for high risk operations. During my career with SRT I have assisted other agencies to include DEA, FBI, USMS and Secret Service. I have assisted with security operations for Pres. George W. Bush, Gov. Sarah Palin, Pres. Obama and Vice Pres. Chaney.
• Member of the Lycoming County Drug Task Force. Assigned full time to the Lycoming County Narcotics Enforcement Unit (formally the DTF). I work in an undercover capacity, specifically vice narcotics, and investigate the illegal distribution of narcotics in Lycoming County. I have been involved in over a thousand narcotics investigations throughout the duration of my career at both the state and federal levels; resulting in the arrest of hundreds of individuals. I have been deputized with the FBI in the Middle District while working federal cases in the illegal distribution of narcotics and weapons.
• Assigned as Assistant Drug Task Force Coordinator for the Lycoming County Narcotics Enforcement Unit. I manage all daily undercover and criminal interdiction operations within the County of Lycoming. I directly supervise and train 5 Lycoming County Detectives in all vice operations, to include; undercover buys, controlled buys, managing informants, executing search warrants, processing evidence, surveillance and counter surveillance measures and techniques, hotel interdiction, criminal interdiction operations, search warrant entry tactics, and various other tasks associated with undercover operations.

Creds & Classes

• Terrorism Awareness (Domestic Preparedness) – Bucks Community College
• Street Survival
• Standard Field Sobriety Testing – Dept. of Education Traffic Institute
• Basic Warrant Execution – Northeast Counter Drug Training Center
• Patrol Response to active shooters – The Backup Training Corporation
• Handgun/Shotgun Instructor – NRA
• Risk Management – St. Petersburg College
• Drugs in America – St. Petersburg College
• Methamphetamine Workshop – MAGLOCLEN
• Less-Lethal Shotgun Specialist – Training Justice Administration
• Patrol Rifle Instructor – NRA
• Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Conference – MAGLOCLEN
• Advanced Narcotic Investigator – D.E.A.
• Traffic Patrol/Drug Interdiction – PA Dept. of Education
• Tactical Handgun Instructor – Action Target Academy
• Class “A” wiretap Certification – PA State Police Bureau of Training
• IS-00700 NIMS Introduction – Emergency management Institute
• WMD Tactical Operations Performance Level – US Dept. of Homeland Security
• Narcotics Investigations – Drug Enforcement Education Program
• TOP GUN (Undercover Drug LE Training) – N.C.T.C.
• Prevention and Response to Suicide Bombing Incidents – Tripwire Operations Group
• Basic SWAT Training – National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)
• Simunition Scenario Instructor – Simunition
• OC, Specialty Impact Munitions, Distraction Devices and Chemical Munitions Instructor - Armor Holding Training Academy
• Techniques for Improving Interrogations – PA Dept. of Education
• Select-Fire Firearms Instructor – NRA
• Current Trends in Illegal Narcotics and Investigating Cell Phones – MAGLOCLEN
• Advanced SWAT Training – NTOA
• Firearms Instructor – PA State Police Bureau of Training
• Field Training Officer – Harrisburg Community College
• Glock Armorer – Glock
• Chem. Munitions, Less-Lethal, Flash-Bang, Aerosol Instructor – CTS Training Inst.
• AR15/M16/M4 Armorers Course – Defensive Edge Training & Consulting Inc.
• High Risk Warrant Planning – TACOPS Conference
• Tactics of O.O.D.A. Loop – TACOPS Conference
• Less-Lethal, NFSD, Chemical Agent Instructor – NTOA
• Precision Rifle Training – PA Dept. of Corrections
• Commercial Motor Vehicle Criminal Interdiction – U.S. Dept. of transportation
• Criminal Interdiction – MAGLOCLEN
• Tactical Shooting Instructor – NRA
• Identifying Deceptive Behavior – NCTC
• SWAT Team Leader Development – NTOA
• High Threat Protection Course - API


  • Handgun 101
  • Rifle 101
  • Shotgun 101
  • Concealed Carry Pistol
  • Weapon Manipulation/Tactics
  • Multiple Threat Drills
  • 2-Man Tactics 101
  • Weapon Retention
  • Tactical HG/LG/SG

Meet our cadre of instructors

Jeremy Brown

Mr. Brown (or, as we've all started calling him..."Wick") is so incredibly gifted at sharing his knowledge! His speed and accuracy with both rifle and pistol is a pretty dang high bar for us "civies" to strive for...but you will highly value the journey towards his level of perfection! And he's been known to bring some pretty damn sexy tools to his clinics...wicked fun!

Paul Taylor

Paul is just so damn's awesome! HIGHLY skilled with both pistol and rifle! But don't for a second, think his class will be a standard firing line style class. Before you know what happened, you'll be working on Team Movements and expected to keep those feeties moving...while doing transitions from pistol to rifle and back again. You WILL end the day exhausted...and happy as hell!

Chuck Simpson

Chuck is our trusted Long Range Rifle and High Threat Protection expert. Think you're safe at 1200+ yards? Nope, nope, nope. He's probably got ya in his sights watching you eat your sammich!

Mr. White

Our resident "ghost" instructor...the man of mystery. Mysterious he may be...but wicked skilled at matter if it's urban or rural / desert or woodlands / brutal heat or sub-zero. Keep your eye on him though...because if you turn away, he'll disappear into the background!

AAR for Tactical Pistol Clinic (6/24/2017)

Instructor Brown started off the day with a brief introduction to the group of his background and qualifications. He moved into basic grip and stance and explained the benefits of an isosceles vs. Weaver stance. He also explained what an OODA loop was and how we could use it to our advantage in a situation.

The shooting drills started with the NOW drill so instructor Brown could gauge our individual pistol skills and give us a baseline to strive to exceed by end of day. My time was 12.05 with decent accuracy no dropped shots. My end of day time was 9.40 with a better group and no dropped shots.

Instructor Brown talked about level 1 and level 2 failures and how to deal with each. Ex. Tap/rack, magazine removal and single hand slide manipulation.

Each time we did a new drill we added a new level of communication or movement to the drill without taking away from the previous layers. We added scanning for threats, a pivot (both strong side and weak side), a side step (both strong and weak side), pivot with a side step (strong and weak side), and kneeling (single and double knee). Communication was incorporated in the form of the words “cover/covering” (when needing to reload or solve a failure) and “up” (when you are back in the fight). Instructor Brown also added a visual component to the scanning and communication by randomly holding up fingers and asking us to announce how many fingers he was displaying.

Multiple threats and perception drills were done using the command target incorporating bullseyes, shapes, colors, and numbers. This was interesting because it required you to make real time decisions as to what was asked and how you processed/perceived those commands and threats.

Finally physical stress was introduced by having us run up to the shooting line and perform a series of drills involving different targets at different distances and height zones.

We ended the day with the NOW drill and a timed holstered single shot drill.

Overall this was an outstanding day of training conducted by an excellent instructor. His instructions were clear and concise and his concept of quality over quantity of rounds shot really led to improvement in my skills.

Yuhri Miller (from PA)

Mr. Brown Testimonials

Tactical Rifle Clinic (7/8/2017)

Another fantastic class by instructor Brown. A continuation of the pistol class, Instructor Brown demonstrated how all the tactics we practiced carry over across weapon platforms. This class was hugely helpful to me personally, exposing my weakness in rifle skills and giving me the drills necessary for me to improve myself at the range. Also (like I mentioned in pistol aar) these clinics, in my opinion, are a high value when it comes to dollars spent/saved. A full day rifle class in my experience costs twice as much normally. I couldn't be happier with Instructor Brown

Tommy Solami (from PA)

Team Movements Clinic (8/6/17)

Another great class put on by the Hillers. I had worked with Mr. Brown briefly in a vehicle tactics class but was really looking forward to taking an all-day class. First, these one day clinics are great as they allow for busy folks to still get their training in.

I am sure it is about the same high level of effort to put on a 1 day class as it does 2 so as a student I appreciate the effort. This would have been my 6th ZERT class and the first with Mr. Brown, yet this was unique from all the rest. This instructor has a military background and most of his experience is in law enforcement. This brings a different perspective to things like rules of engagement, dynamic over “stealth” entry for buildings. I would suspect as a LEO you often times do not have the option of an air strike on a building nor an overwhelming As such you have to address the problem differently than our military brothers. In a sense the brief instruction on CQC was a little more applicable to most of the students then say a military focused approach. The angles, the non-linear stacking, the overlapping coverage was great and something I had not been exposed to before. The instructor was patient and yet focused in his feedback. Even when we (read me) completely disregarded cover in order to make the shot, Mr. Brown was clear on what I did right and what would have gotten me killed. In this class we did a half day with Team Tactics with some live fire and the other half with building clearing using 2 and 4 man teams. I learned a lot from both parts and if I had any suggestion it would be that we break each into their own classes. I personally I am all for taking 2-3 different drills and then drilling them within the time you have to get it right. Are you going to do it 1000 times in 8 hours? No... but you have a little better idea of what you need to work on when you drill something more then 2-3 times. I look forward to more classes/clinics with Mr. Brown hopefully before he get so exasperated by teaching "civies" that decides it is not worth the headache (laughing). 

Chris Monego (from FL)

Tactical Rifle Clinic (7/8/17)

The tactical rifle class was similar to the tactical pistol class two weeks prior, with a few extra drills. We again went over target identification, movement & communications. Instructor Brown also added transition drills as well. He also stressed the importance of using the support hand for weapon manipulation, most notably using it for the charging handle, something I need to get in the habit of doing. We also had some weather issues; it rained on & off, pouring on us once. He also taught us better use of cover & ran a drill that helped us understand it better under stress. We also ran a few support hand only drills. Once again Instructor Brown did a marvelous job with the class. Again I walked away feeling more confident with my skills & knowledge of what I needed to work on & improve. I look forward to taking more Zert classes.

Aaron Moretz (from PA)

Team Movements Clinic (8/6/17)

There was so much info handed out today. Great class, wish it was longer. Instructor Brown was awesome and kept us thinking. I walked away with more knowledge than I thought after taking 2 classes previously that had movement involved. Only thing I would like to see more at classes is maybe a syllabus of the class to keep us refreshed if we forget something we learned. It's hard to take notes and not miss something.

Jayson Kyle (from WV)

Team Movements Clinic (8/6/17)

My third class from instructor Brown, couldn't be happier. Team movements was 10 lbs of info in a 2lb bag. That is not a complaint, and I intend to sit down tonight and copy these formations / structure clearing techniques into a note book. Instructor Brown ran a fantastic class (again) and I'm completely saturated with new information. I will continue to attend any class he is running.

Tommy Solami (from PA)

Team Movements Clinic (8/6/17)

We met up at a park and rife on South Reach Rd. Then headed to a farm for the live fire portion of the class. We learned about team movement in the wedge formation and linear formation. Also learned how to cross road intersections. We then went to do live fire moving as a two man team. I was teamed with Paul Moser. After the live fire portion we broke for lunch and moved to a new location. At the new location we did some dry fire tactics in barn, we learned how to clear rooms as at least a three man team.

I would've liked to seen more trigger time. Also there was a lot to try and cover in one day, though I understand it was a clinic and also a learning experience for the instructor as well as the students. I liked the instructor, I think he did a good job trying to think of ways for the average civilians to apply the tactics he taught. I would defiantly take another class from him.

Anthony Hammer (from WV)