About K12 / Mr. White:

We are a school that is dedicated to teaching survival skills. We are a school of wilderness survival that focuses on teaching skills that will help you survive in an unfortunate wilderness or urban scenario. If you are a hiker, backpacker, or the “outdoor adventurous” type and would like to strengthen your knowledge and experience preparing for the unexpected, check us out.



Rob “K12” served 20 years in the United States Marine Corps and has trained and operated in all types of terrain all over the world. From the mountains of Afghanistan and the desert of Iraq, to the jungle of the Philippines, above the arctic circle in Norway to the woodlands of the United States. He is a graduate of “C” level SERE school with a long list of accolades to include consulting for an upcoming survival t.v. show. K12 continues to contribute articles on survival and emergency preparedness for Survival and Emergency Gear website. K12 received his Wilderness First Aid certification from the Wilderness Medical Institute of the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and was a member of the King County Search and Rescue.

He is dedicated to ensuring that all of his students leave his classes with the comfort level for the outdoors that they expect.


We teach a range of both modern and primitive wilderness skills covering the priorities of survival that will provide you the ability to live and be rescued in the wilderness. We also provide skills to help you better prepare your home for natural or man-made disasters. We will teach you how to use everyday items in your home and vehicle that will increase your chances of survival should you find yourself in crisis.

All courses are taught in the New York area. There are no bathrooms, showers, electricity, or comforts of home. You will get a true feeling of being out in the wild while you practice your skills. We are close enough to town for you to pick up any last minute items before the course. There is cell phone coverage on the property incase you need to keep in touch with civilization. Directions to the property and a gear list will be emailed to you after registration.

All one day courses will start at 9am and end at 4pm. Multiple day classes will start at 9am on the first day, 8am on the following days, and end at 4 on the last. Times are flexible as we progress through the course. Our courses are designed for adult participants 18 an older. Participants under the age of 18 are welcome with a parent or legal guardian. For groups or private courses, contact us directly for details.

Students are required to bring their own food and water. The school will also provide additional water for you to refill your water bottles throughout the day.


Meet our cadre of instructors

Jeremy Brown

Mr. Brown (or, as we've all started calling him..."Wick") is so incredibly gifted at sharing his knowledge! His speed and accuracy with both rifle and pistol is a pretty dang high bar for us "civies" to strive for...but you will highly value the journey towards his level of perfection! And he's been known to bring some pretty damn sexy tools to his clinics...wicked fun!

Paul Taylor

Paul is just so damn's awesome! HIGHLY skilled with both pistol and rifle! But don't for a second, think his class will be a standard firing line style class. Before you know what happened, you'll be working on Team Movements and expected to keep those feeties moving...while doing transitions from pistol to rifle and back again. You WILL end the day exhausted...and happy as hell!

Chuck Simpson

Chuck is our trusted Long Range Rifle and High Threat Protection expert. Think you're safe at 1200+ yards? Nope, nope, nope. He's probably got ya in his sights watching you eat your sammich!

Mr. White

Our resident "ghost" instructor...the man of mystery. Mysterious he may be...but wicked skilled at matter if it's urban or rural / desert or woodlands / brutal heat or sub-zero. Keep your eye on him though...because if you turn away, he'll disappear into the background!

Mr. White Testimonials

Wilderness Survival Clinic (9/23/2016)

Friday Mr White and Magellan kept us busy in nature’s classroom, giving us a concise and thorough crash course in wilderness survival, and evasion. The experience and knowledge of the instructors was enthralling, and filled a significant number of pages in my notebook with pure gold. We covered shelter, all the way from clothing (Wick, Warmth, Weather,) to primitive, and man made shelters for any season (BLISS: Blend, Low Profile, Irregular Silhouette, Secure, Small (and secluded). It was clear from the beginning that these guys really knew their stuff, because their lessons were filled with useful tips and ‘hacks’ they’d learned over time. We learned how to identify insects that are safe to eat, and how to prepare them. We discussed water, fire, and the mental processes of survival in serious depth. We learned trapping, foraging, and herbalism. Last but not least we got a thorough run-down on survival kits.

ZERT training events never fail to amaze! My trip from Maine would have been worthwhile for this class alone. Many thanks to both Mr. White, and Tim MacWelch.

Brian Beasley (from ME)