All of our instructors have become family to us...but Paul Taylor holds a special place in our hearts.

Paul was born and raised in Pennsylvania. He started preparing early on for service in the military...service he felt was his destiny. After graduation, Paul served in the Marines and then in the Army, where he earned the Special Forces Tab and the coveted Green Beret. After retirement, he was a contractor in Afghanistan.

What does this all mean to you?'d be hard-pressed to find someone with such a plethora of real-world experience, as well as passion for teaching! You won't find an instructor that works harder, or believes more in what he's teaching, than Paul. He is down-to-earth and humble and one of the best instructors to teach a class.

Paul typically teaches 2-day courses. His absolute specialty is 2-man Team Tactics because he believes (rightfully so) that this is the basis for any other advanced training you might require (vehicle tactics, CQB, home defense, etc). "You can't do the sexy stuff if you don't know the basics" - that's our Paul!

Paul has taught several classes for us and always finishes class with a live AAR from his students to make sure everyone feels they got their money's worth. After several classes, we have NEVER heard anything suggesting the students have felt otherwise! Most students feel they received FAR more knowledge than they paid for! We invite you to contact us if you'd like to take a class with this incredible will NOT regret the investment in yourself!

For photos of a number of classes Mr. Taylor has taught for us, please be sure to check out or GALLERY page!


Born and raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, Paul Taylor knew military service was in his future. He competed in track, cross-country running, and swimming to prepare for his career but an accident his senior year delayed his dream. After graduating in 1991, he continued to train, and finally entered Marine Corps Basic Training at Parris Island in January 1993.

After basic, Paul was assigned to 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment in Twenty-Nine Palms, California. He served as an Infantryman through Fire Team Leader in a line company, and as a spotter and Scout Sniper in the 2/7 Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) Platoon. His accomplishments while serving in the Marines includes graduating the USMC 1st Marine Division Scout Sniper School in 1995 and winning the 1st Marine Division Scout Sniper Team Competition in 1996.

After honorably serving four years in the Marine Corps, Paul moved back to Pennsylvania and joined the Marine Reserves with 25th Marines out of Harrisburg PA. After serving in the reserves for one year and missing the camaraderie and brotherhood of being a full time service member, he enlisted in the army under an Airborne Ranger contract.

In 1998, Paul began his army career, starting with Airborne School then the 75th Ranger Regiment Ranger Indoctrination Program (RIP). He was assigned to 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment in Savannah, GA, serving as an Anti-Tank Gunner, Fire Team Leader, and Squad Leader. He graduated Ranger School, CL 1-99, and then Jumpmaster School in 2001. He deployed as a Squad Leader in A CO, 1/75 RGR RGT to Afghanistan in 2001 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF I).

In October 2002, SSG Taylor was reassigned to 18th Airborne Corps LRS as a Long Range Surveillance (LRS) Team Leader. He deployed and was part of the initial invasion into Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF I).

September 2004, SSG Taylor completed the Special Forces Qualification Course. Over the next two years, Taylor completed the Special Forces Small Unit Tactics (SUT) Course, Arabic Language Training, Special Forces Engineer Sergeant (18C) Course, Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) Course Level C, and Robin Sage; earning the Special Forces Tab and coveted Green Beret.

Upon completion of the Q-Course, Taylor was assigned to B Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group and immediately deployed on two Joint Combined Exchange Training (JCETs) to Pakistan in support of OEF, training the Pakistani Special Forces. He also returned to Afghanistan (OEF XI) in 2006, deploying to Chamkani Fire Base on the Pakistani Border as the ODA Senior Engineer Sergeant.

SFC Taylor then volunteered for the 3rd SFG Combatant Commander's In-Extremist Force (CIF) Team in 2008. He deployed with B-2-3 to Iraq and conducted operations in Central and Northern Afghanistan, training assisting and mentoring the Iraqi Counter Terrorist Force (ICTF). He also deployed with 2nd Battalion from Panjiwa in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan and Maktab in the Helmand Province as his ODAs Senior Engineer Sergeant to support Operation Enduring Freedom.

& Now...

• After twenty years of service in the United States Marine Corps and United States Army, and nine combat deployments overseas supporting OEF and OIF, Paul retired from the military and started the next phase of his life. He again made his way to Afghanistan, this time as a Contractor, training and mentoring two Special Forces ODAs and the 6th CDO Kandak Commandos and ANA SF outside of Kabul. He planned and supervised the training cycle of two Special Forces ODAs and two ANA Commando Kandaks, specifically focusing on Basic Marksmanship Skills, Battle Drills, Basic Demolition to CQB, Sniper Marksmanship and Tactics, Advanced Breaching, and Live Fire Maneuver Exercises.

• Paul is now focusing on teaching his knowledge and skills to the ones that matter the most, his fellow Americans. He has adapted his extensive military training to the civilian sector and is NRA Instructor Certified. He does competitive shooting and continues to take classes to better his skills as a teacher and instructor.


  • Advanced Tactical Pistol & Rifle
  • Building/Room Clearing Techniques
  • Team Tactics/Maneuvers
  • Small Unit Tactics
  • Vehicle Tactics
  • Home Security
  • Long Range Precision Rifle

Meet our cadre of instructors

Jeremy Brown

Mr. Brown (or, as we've all started calling him..."Wick") is so incredibly gifted at sharing his knowledge! His speed and accuracy with both rifle and pistol is a pretty dang high bar for us "civies" to strive for...but you will highly value the journey towards his level of perfection! And he's been known to bring some pretty damn sexy tools to his clinics...wicked fun!

Paul Taylor

Paul is just so damn's awesome! HIGHLY skilled with both pistol and rifle! But don't for a second, think his class will be a standard firing line style class. Before you know what happened, you'll be working on Team Movements and expected to keep those feeties moving...while doing transitions from pistol to rifle and back again. You WILL end the day exhausted...and happy as hell!

Chuck Simpson

Chuck is our trusted Long Range Rifle and High Threat Protection expert. Think you're safe at 1200+ yards? Nope, nope, nope. He's probably got ya in his sights watching you eat your sammich!

Mr. White

Our resident "ghost" instructor...the man of mystery. Mysterious he may be...but wicked skilled at matter if it's urban or rural / desert or woodlands / brutal heat or sub-zero. Keep your eye on him though...because if you turn away, he'll disappear into the background!

AAR for 2-Man Team & Vehicle Tactics Class (4/22-23/2017)

Cadre: Mr. Mauldin, Mr. Taylor, and guest instructor Mr. Brown
This was my first official Z.E.R.T. training class and, well, I'm hooked. Both Mauldin & Taylor are outstanding instructors. They both pull off the 'impatiently patient' style of instruction beautifully. They give just enough of an impatient sense to get you a little rattled, giving the illusion of a real world scenario, while holding back & being patient enough to let you learn safely at the same time.

Both days, the entire class spent the morning, on line, working on making sure we were proficient with our weapons. Day one we focused on handgun only, and day 2 was acclimating ourselves with moving between our primary (rifle) and secondary (pistol) weapons. After the lunch break, my partner & I started in Mauldin's group, at the vehicle portion of the class. I'll touch upon that module in my review of Mr. Mauldin. After a short break, mid afternoon, the 2 groups switched, and we picked up Mr. Taylor's 2-man tactics portion of the class.

This was probably the more intense portion of the whole experience. Mr. Taylor gives off a mixture of (occasionally) intimidating intensity, & comedy relief. Working through the bounding exercises (something I haven't done in well over 20 yrs) with my partner was intense AND a blast. The anticipation of waiting for the call to contact, not knowing if the reaction was going to be a forward assault, or a retreat, was exhausting & energizing at the same time. Day 1 was handguns only, but day 2 was rifle & handgun. This definitely made it more interesting. Scenarios where the primary (rifle) would fail, which necessitated a transition to secondary (pistol), while the partner bounded, and then getting primary back into action before bounding again. Referencing Mr. Taylor's live feed 'rant' a few weeks ago, I thought that I was 'over myself'. I thought that I was humble, and recognized that I wasn't nearly as good as I'd like to think I am. This humbled me even more. I definitely have a renewed motivation to get out to the range more. To work on my marksmanship skills, and to practice the exercises, to the extent that I can at my local range, and become way more proficient than I currently am. I will definitely be taking more classes! -ZP355, WV POC

Kevin Perdue (from WV)

AAR for 2-Man Team & Vehicle Tactics Class (4/22-23/2017)

Instructors: Mr. Mauldin & Mr. Taylor & guest instructor Mr. Brown
The morning started with some required paperwork and a quick overview then progressed to some basic handgun drills to gauge skill levels in this 30-person class. Emphasis was placed on safety and correct form and procedure over speed. The shooting started with "NOW" drill. This was performed student by student and supervised by Mr. Mauldin or the grizzled face of Mr. Taylor trying to add a little more stress to your first trigger pulling of the day. After that we covered dry firing, trigger reset, holster / reholster and reloading. It was a great warm up to the afternoon's lessons.

After lunch we split into two groups: Vehicle tactics with Mr Mauldin or 2-man team tactics with Mr Taylor. My first class was with Mr Taylor (Paul). This was my 3rd class with Paul. I love his style of instruction. He can play to the group with comedy, surliness, and intensity depending on what he is trying to get across. He sprinkles both "what if" scenarios and his real life experiences into his teaching to really get his point across. We did 2-man team movements using handgun only. We were taught bounding forward and assaulting through a target as well as breaking contact and more importantly... when to break contact or attack. We learned to communicate between teammates both verbally and with our guns. It was intense, exciting and challenging. I loved it!

After our time with Paul was over we moved to vehicle tactics with Mr. Mauldin (Aaron). Here we learned what a true bitch fighting in a vehicle is. It's tight, awkward, frustrating and just a downright pain the ass. But... at least now I have a fighting chance. If you don't get this eye opener and the occasion presents itself you are really behind the 8 ball. Aaron went over how to maneuver your handgun in the car safely, how to block the door so it doesn't come back at you, how to get out of your seat belt and the best way to exit the vehicle. We ran several pistol drills that had us firing from the car and exiting and using the car for cover.

DAY 2: Day 2 brought our rifles into the mix. We started by running the same types of drills with rifle that we had done with handgun. First thing was the "NOW" drill then a "NOW" drill with rifle transitioning to handgun. We worked on transition from primary (rifle) to secondary (handgun) and other rifle drills until lunch.

After lunch we again were split into two groups. I again started with Paul. We worked on bounding with our partner and also breaking contact and the same type of drills from Saturday but putting our rifle into the mix. Toward the end of our session he put us into 4-man teams and he acted as squad leader for our attack and return to SP (starting position). He worked on adding stressors to challenge us as we made our moves to show us how easily circumstances can make any plan go to shit and how knowing basic two man tactics can save you. It was just an awesome experience. Everyone in our group walked away with some incredible knowledge. It's now up to us to continue to practice and get better.

My groups last session of the day was back in those damn cars with Aaron. God I hate cars! If I thought pistol was awkward it had nothing on a rifle in your car. Nevertheless Aaron showed us the best ways to maneuver that big rifle in such a confined space. We ran drills as driver and passenger. The passenger had their rifle up front while the driver used his pistol to fight back to the trunk to get his rifle in the fight. We also were taught how to shoot getting as low as possible and using the car to support a steady shot. Aaron finished the day by shooting through the car with both pistol and rifle in various spots to show us how vulnerable we really are behind a vehicle.

My biggest takeaway...... a vehicle is a poor excuse for a fighting platform. If you can get away from it and make your stand you should do it. The vehicle part of the class was a very, very humbling experience. I don't know if anybody is a graceful gazelle when they're trying to unhoster a handgun or maneuver an AR in the front seat of a midsized sedan while seat belted but I sure know I'm not! The car was a bitch... but I am 1000% more likely to be able to survive an encounter while stuck in a vehicle. This class taught us all valuable skills that I pray I never need. But I'm still gonna practice for that day should it ever come.This was my 5th ZERT (hosted by KEYSTONE CHALLENGE) class. I have attended classes with Mr. Taylor, Mr. Ruiz, Mr. Yerger, Mr White, Mr. Brown and Mr. Mauldin. Every class was different but one thing was the same: outstanding instructors that really care and are down to earth and relatable. The curriculum has been great and the value could not be better.

Todd Hiller (from PA)

Mr. Taylor Testimonials

AAR for 2-Man Team & Vehicle Tactics Class (4/22-23/2017)

Instructors: Mr. Mauldin & Mr. Taylor & guest instructor Mr. Brown
Regarding the 2-man team/vehicle tactics class 22-23 Apr, I learned a lot that will potentially enhance my survival as a LEO. It dispelled the long held notions of using the car for cover/concealment, it filled in holes from a similar class I took last month when we took distant shots with rifles oriented sideways over the hood and trunk, accounting for mechanical offset at 50 meters. The 2-man tactics portion was especially helpful filling holes left from recent active shooter drills. This was an excellent way to invest this years clothing allowance. Excellent return on investment of my time and money, which the academy failed to teach leaving departments and officers unnecessarily open to liability. But hey, if zert is gonna make it available, I'm not gonna fail to take the opportunity. Yeah, the zombie thing might sound goofie to most cops, but zert is doing more to prepare patrol than admin and academies are. I guess those are my zombies. And failing to prepare is preparing to fail. These guys have real world experience they're willing to share. Take advantage of it. Be safe. 1*

Charlie Pensari (from NJ)

AAR for 2-Man Team & Vehicle Tactics Class (4/22-23/2017)

Instructors: Mr. Mauldin & Mr. Taylor & guest instructor Mr. Brown
Hats off to Aaron and Paul for another great class. The division of vehicle tactics and 2-man team tactics was a great way to educate the students not only on proper advancing/disengagement bounding techniques but how useful a non-armored vehicle is in a fire fight. Paul’s cone drill was a wonderful change of pace from standing on line and firing at targets. As we progressed he attempted to add critical thinking/confusion to the mix for complexity. My recommendation would be that the targets for this drill should not only be grouped as they were in the class but also shapes and colors to really make the student think while doing the drill. Also Mr. Taylor (Paul) was big on ensuring that we didn’t go to bolt lock during the drills. My suggestion would be for students to ensure they do tac mag reloads is to have the instructor take the students magazine and take randomly between 0 – 10 rounds out of the magazine. This would force students to be more willing to tag mag reload during the drill as no one wants to drag their buddy back to the starting line. Aaron’s module, vehicle tactics, was very educational. Learning how bad a car is for a ‘safe’ covered position is quite an eye opener. Unless you fit behind the engine block there is a very good chance you are going to get hit as rounds can easily punch through thin sheet metal and glass. Learning how bullets deflect and can also skip off of the vehicle was also very informative. Yea the vehicle tactics may seem sexy but it is also practical as I personally spend almost 2 hours in a car a day. Getting in and out, as well as drawing inside of a car was educational. The best part was shooting out to 50 yards and ringing some steel. Learning mechanical offsets for shooting sideways with an AR was also a big highlight of the class. I found out that my zero was indeed solid and giving confidence in hitting something out beyond 25 yards. 

Eric Limbach (from PA)

AAR for 2-Man Team & Vehicle Tactics Class (4/22-23/2017)

Instructors: Mr. Mauldin & Mr. Taylor & guest instructor Mr. Brown
This was my first Zert class (Hosted by KEYSTONE CHALLENGE), after meeting Mr. Mauldin and Mr. Taylor at last year's Keystone Challenge, I anticipated quality teaching in a fun environment and was not disappointed. The first half of day one was pistol training that was on par with my police academy training (although much more time compressed) and the rifle training on day two was much better, and more practical, than Army basic training. Two man tactics was live fire and maneuver. My biggest take away from that section was allowing the gun to do the talking instead of calling out "moving", "move", etc.

Day two of 2 man tactics was quite exciting as we bound towards, and retreated from, targets in 2-man and 4-man groups. Round count for the AR was set at 300 and I fired 296. A note for those preparing for future classes; I have fired tens of thousands of rounds out of my various home built ARs and generally have a lot of confidence in my builds, however this class put stress on my weapon far beyond my usual shooting. I had three parts literally fall off of my rifle and the weapon got dirty enough and hot enough my competition trigger was having… umm, lets just say… reset problems. Tighten down everything and locktight it!

There was much debate about how important vehicle tactics were to practice. My feeling is this; yes, cars are bullet magnets and you need to get away from them… but I feel this training was important and relevant. Under fire you cannot just hop out of your pov and stroll away like you are at the grocery store or you will die. The exfil techniques we learned will allow us to get out quickly and return fire effectively. Aaron's on-scene ballistics tests were very informative. People can tell you all day what they think will happen to a round fired through a windshield or through a door. Forget their debates! I have now seen for myself what REALLY happens!

Jon Arneson (from PA)

AAR for 2-Man Team & Vehicle Tactics Class (4/22-23/2017)

Instructors: Mr. Mauldin & Mr. Taylor & guest instructor Mr. Brown
Just completed the 2-man/vehicle team tactics in Montoursville Pennsylvania. All I can say is that Paul and Aaron did not let me down. Like… WOW! These guys really are the best instructors and teachers. And this is the reason why; if you perform a drill wrong they don't just tell you the correct way to do it they show you the correct way to do it and they explained why and what the benefits are. They don't expect you to do something without knowing why you're doing it they go into great detail and explain what the purposes are of doing the drill the correct way and the benefits and the rewards of being more prepared and doing things correctly. They are very serious at what they do. They want all of us to be prepared and be the best that we can be at being prepared. Somehow they make the whole thing so much fun that you want to do everything the correct way. Anybody who knows me knows I'm not a rifle guy but this year, at class, I felt so much more comfortable with the rifle and it's to the benefit of these guys and what they've taught me that is making me feel a lot better and confident. In conclusion I would like to say a thank you to the Hiller's. At one point in time, all of us who have gone to the classes in Williamsport were strangers and didn't know anybody else. We went there as newbies but you leave there part of a family and that's contributed to the Hiller's. From day one I've never felt like an outsider! I've always felt like family!

Steve Freeman (from PA)

AAR for 2-Man Team & Vehicle Tactics Class (4/22-23/2017)

Instructors: Mr. Mauldin & Mr. Taylor
To start things off, it hurts to think about how much money I've spent out of my own pocket on training throughout my short time in a career field where this stuff directly applies. With that being said, this course was a great investment and I'd recommend taking a course, with these two instructors, to anyone. It was clear right away that both instructors are very passionate about teaching and have the ability to keep the students interested, and more importantly interested throughout the entire class. Even in a pretty large class, over 30 people, I felt like I had individual attention. Because of that individualized attention I have learned some new tricks that I will be able to take with me forever. Anyone who is serious about training and improving their skill sets, has taken or should consider classes. Many times those classes include topics of instruction where the content was repetitive or you've done something very similar in other classes. Repetition is just as valuable if not more valuable than learning something new. Shooting and tactics are perishable skills and without constant upkeep you will start to lose what you're not using. I signed up hoping to learn something new but expecting to get repetitions, but I got more than that. I learned skills that I can practice on my own and take with me… and felt like a better shooter than before the class started.

Day 1 the instructors took a brief look at each student's basic skills, allowing them to gauge how advanced they would be able take the class. We focused only on pistol the first day and while there was instruction, there was still plenty of time on the trigger. One of the things I liked a lot with these instructors was that they demonstrated the drills prior to students doing them. With such a large class and large range of skill sets, when an instructor is able to demonstrate a drill, at a level that truly shows they know what they are doing and that they have done this a time or two, it builds credibility not only to what they teach but their ability as instructors. These guys are fucking legit.

Day 2 we incorporated our rifles with our pistols. We were able to focus on transitions to our secondary weapon from our primary, as well as switching our primary from strong side to support side. This is something that takes lots of reps to become smooth, but because of the individualized attention I can honestly say I felt a noticeable improvement in my own abilities as well as noticing improvements in my fellow classmates. It's not everyday you get to shoot through a windshield and they provided us with the opportunity to do it, do it safely, and do it with instruction. They were able to advise in regards to ballistics and the effects shooting through glass and steel have on bullets.

Fantastic! Overall it was a great class, put on by great instructors, and involved great people. I made some friends, saw some cool guns and kits. Some real nice setups people were running, but material things can be taken from you in the blink of an eye, shit happens in life, but knowledge can never be taken. It's invaluable, and I'd be lying if I say I didn't learn anything or didn't get my monies worth from this class. It wasn't my first class and it definitely won't be my last. I'd recommend this class to anybody who has a basic concept of gun safety and knows their own weapons and kit well, so you can actually focus on the tactics and vehicle manipulations. Keep on training and stay safe. -ZP335D

Bryan Edward (from MD)

AAR for 2-Man Team & Vehicle Tactics Class (4/22-23/2017)

Instructors: Mr. Mauldin & Mr. Taylor & guest instructor Mr. Brown
Day 1: Pistol only. Class began with Mr. Taylor (Paul) having the entire class line up in front of targets approximately 6 yards off and performing the NOW drill of 10 rounds of pistol (after he ran the drill as an example as he does with all drills) to gauge each individuals proficiency on draw stroke, loading sequence, grip, sight alignment, trigger pull and reset, unloading sequence and reholster. Upon completion of the drill Paul (working from one end of the line) and Mr. Mauldin (Aaron) (working from the other end) would give you assessment of where you stand, what to correct and how to correct it.

Next we lined up in front of our respective targets and ran through the rhythm drill of 6 rounds each with the pistol in sequences of 1 sec, 1/2 sec, 1/4 sec and 1/8 sec between shots as a means for the individual to find which rate of fire was best for them in terms of speed and consistent accuracy that’s repeatable then pushing back the distance to see how your rate of fire changes to maintain accuracy. Lastly we went over malfunctions/stoppages, how to diagnose them and in what steps should that diagnostic process be performed- immediate action (tap, rack, bang) and remedial action (rip, rack, bang).

After lunch we were broken down into two groups splitting the second half of the day into two sections, vehicle tactics and two man team tactics. The group I was in first went with XP001 for the vehicle tactics portion. Aaron went over reacting to contact from the vehicle, how to properly and safely manipulate your weapon inside the vehicle, maneuvering around the vehicle after engaging a threat and how to use/which parts of the vehicle to use as cover/concealment and how to shoot from around the vehicle while staging different scenarios and the vehicles in different positions.

Upon completion of the introduction to vehicle tactics, our group moved over to Mr. Taylor section of the range for the two man team tactics portion. We began with patrolling and reacting to contact, recognizing whether the enemy your engaging is smaller, larger or of equal size to your team and how to decide whether to advance the enemy through the means of bounding forward or falling back through the means of peeling, communicating the entire time, how to maintain consistent rate of fire picking up the rate of fire while you battle buddy is dealing with a malfunction or reloading and how to gauge the space between you and your battle buddy using your hand to gauge mils. We wrapped up the class with a quick overview of where we stood and things that we needed to improve on.

Day 2: We started the day the same way we did on day one. After going through the pistol portion we moved on to rifle and performed the iteration in the same fashion as we did pistol on day one and the start of day two adding in ready up drill in reaction to enemy contact at different position, 360 degrees, while the instructors made the necessary corrections to ensure everyone was on the same page. Like day one this took up the first half of the day.

Again, like day one, we split into two groups maintaining the same order as the day prior. Our group moved to the vehicle tactics portion with Mr. Mauldin. We went over everything from the day prior in a quick overview fashion then Aaron went on to explaining the ballistics of a round during penetration of front and rear windshields as well as the door windows plus the overall body of the vehicle, different techniques and positions to stage your rifle when in the vehicle and how to properly draw that rifle in a safe and effective manner while in the vehicle as well as how to engage targets from inside the vehicle with the rifle.

We then went over shooting drill like we did on day one but with the rifle shooting not only in different positions but how to shoot with the rifle flat on its sides and explaining/teaching us how to gauge your hold over while shooting the rifle flat on it's sides. Once we were all on the same page we put everything together and ran drills from the vehicles including shooting through the windshield to engage close targets then maneuvering out and around the vehicle while engaging 10 inch steal plates at 50 yards from behind and around the vehicle completing the vehicle tactics portion of the course for our group.

We then went back over to Mr. Taylor's portion of the class just as we did on day one. We began again with patrolling then reacting to contact implementing everything we learned on day one and the first half of day two incorporating both rifle and pistol while we made the decision as two-man teams to assault forward or peel back based on enemy group size. Once proficient we moved to four man teams or two two-man teams while Mr. Taylor acted as the squad leader and instructing both two-man teams accordingly. Our group wrapped up the class with a "Mad Minute" then followed up with a quick overview of what we learned and our progression then shortly after being presented with our certificates.

This was my third course with Mr. Taylor and second with Mr. Mauldin. I love taking courses with both instructors because of the amount of knowledge they possess and no matter how many classes I take with them I learn a lot of new stuff. The energy and passion that both instructors have for passing along their knowledge is insurmountable and is why I keep coming back to these classes as well as the camaraderie that has been built with many of the other students that I have taken classes with. Simply put I cannot wait to take another course.

Ivan Ayala (from PA)