THE KEYSTONE CHALLENGE... Furthering your success in life with world-class training, and authentication through competitive adventures

Our goal:

We believe in validation and personal responsibility. No matter how much you train for something...until tested, in some manner, there is no accurate measure to validate your training efforts. The KEYSTONE CHALLENGE bridges the gap between learning a survival skill and becoming confident with that skill. KEYSTONE CHALLENGE's goal is to help you validate your training through achievement in competition.

Training: the process of learning skills needed for a particular job or function

Competition: the activity of striving to gain or win something by defeating others

confidence through
results-based training

TRAINING: We've all heard of "perishable skills". Perishable skills are skills which are lost when not utilized on a regular basis. We have collected a cadre of instructors deep in world-experience within their area of expertise. For our instructors...survival and firearms proficiency are NOT allowed to become perishable skills. Our instructors depend on their skills...most of them, on a daily basis. Learning builds confidence, and confidence builds security. TAKE BACK YOUR CONFIDENCE!

COMPETITION: Since the beginning of documented time, man has been competitive. We compete with each other in order to test our fitness, skills, abilities, instincts, etc. Our world has become so "civilized" that we no longer HAVE to hunt down prey in order to put food on the table or fight off invaders in order to secure the safety of our family. So how do we build confidence in our learned skills? Through competition with each other. Through the KEYSTONE CHALLENGE!