Chuck Simpson’s is a former Army Special Forces Weapons Sergeant, Intelligence Sergeant and Sniper on an Operational Detachment Alfa (ODA) and Counter Terrorism Operator. He served combat tours in Panama, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Chuck has over 30 years of experience providing instructor, in Tactical and long Range Shooting, Close Quarter Combat, Counter Terrorism, and Sniper/Counter Sniper. He has over 20 year International experience providing Personal Protection, Intelligence gathering, counter terrorism operations, and High Threat Executive Protection training in both private security sector and with the US Government. He is currently the Lead Instructor for Advance Protection Institute and Director of Operations and training for November Group llc., an international security services and consulting firm serving government, corporate, and VIP Clients. He currently lives near Nashville Tennessee. You can contact Chuck at


Charles “Chuck” Simpson has over 36 years’ experience as a Military/Security Advisor; beginning his career with 21 years in the U.S. Army, serving 8 years 82nd Airborne as an Infantryman, 2 years Long Range Surveillance Detachment (LRSD) 101st Airborne as an Reconnaissance Team Leader, and 11 Years Army Special Forces working in Central and South America. Mr. Simpson also served in the Special warfare Center at Fort Brag, NC, as an Advance Special Operation Techniques Instructor and Special Forces Sniper instructor. Charles graduated from Executive Security International (ESI) in 2007 while working as a Security Contractor in the Middle East, and Charles was the principal advisor and consultant on ESI's PSD Protective Operations, Surveillance/Surveillance Detection and Designed Defensive Marksman training programs.

In 2002, Chuck created Protective Consultant, Inc..

Security / Intelligence Consultant, responsible for providing advice, services, and solutions according to customer needs

Independent Contractor: Conduct security escorts/high risk protection

Plan and direct instruction in counter and anti-terrorism tactics

Assist in developing Close Quarter Combat Programs

Instructor/Trainer in Tactical Shooting Techniques (M9, Glock, M-4, MP5, AK 47)

Instructor/Trainer in Sniper and Counter Sniper Operations (M21, M25, SR 25, SVD, Rem 700 SP/300 Win Mag, 338, .50cal)

Bio certified with DOS, to teach, Protective Opns, Motorcade Opns, Firearms, Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM)

Worked as an instructor, for Level II ASOT, with Integrated Directives Inc and Ephor Inc

Worked as a Instructor/Surveillance Team Leader, for the SODC (Surveillance Operation Detection Course) with FRDA

Creds & Classes

• Army Special Forces Weapons Instructor (18B)
• Army Special Forces Intelligence Instructor (18F)
• Army Special Forces Sniper Instructor
• Army Special Forces Close Quarter Battle Instructor (CQB)
• Department of State Designated Defense Marksman (DDM) Instructor
• Department of State Protective Operations, Instructor
• Department of State Motorcade Operations Instructor
• Advance Special Operation Techniques Course (ASOTC) Advance Source Operations (ASO) Instructor, International Terrorist Awareness Course Instructor
• National Rifle Assoc. Certified Training Course, (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearm Safety, Personal Protection)
• Emergency Medical Technician (National Certification Expired)
• Tactical Baton Instructor Course
• Executive Security International, (ESI), Advanced Executive Protection Course, Certified Protection Specialist (C.P.S.), (w/honors)
• Tactical Combat Casualty care (TCCC)
• Tennessee Armed Guard / Executive Protection Instructor
• Tennessee Certified Handgun Instructor
• Florida Private Investigator License
• Reserve Law Enforcement Officer, Hendersonville TN Police Department


  • Conceal Carry Pistol
  • Long Range Precision Rifle
  • Room Clearing Techniques
  • Surveillance & Surveillance Detection (non-civilian)
  • High Threat Protection
  • SWAT / CRT Training (non-civilian)
  • Covert Protection
  • Less then Lethal Combative (ASP Baton)(non-civilian)
  • Small Unit Tactics (Combat patrolling)

Meet our cadre of instructors

Jeremy Brown

Mr. Brown (or, as we've all started calling him..."Wick") is so incredibly gifted at sharing his knowledge! His speed and accuracy with both rifle and pistol is a pretty dang high bar for us "civilians" to strive for...but you will highly value the journey towards his level of perfection! And he's been known to bring some pretty damn sexy tools to his clinics...wicked fun!

Paul Taylor

Paul is just so damn's awesome! HIGHLY skilled with both pistol and rifle! But don't for a second, think his class will be a standard firing line style class. Before you know what happened, you'll be working on Team Movements and expected to keep those feeties moving...while doing transitions from pistol to rifle and back again. You WILL end the day exhausted...and happy as hell!

Chuck Simpson

Chuck is our trusted Long Range Rifle and High Threat Protection expert. Think you're safe at 1200+ yards? Nope, nope, nope. He's probably got ya in his sights watching you eat your sammich!

Mr. White

Our resident "ghost" instructor...the man of mystery. Mysterious he may be...but wicked skilled at matter if it's urban or rural / desert or woodlands / brutal heat or sub-zero. Keep your eye on him though...because if you turn away, he'll disappear into the background!

AAR for High Threat Protection Course (1/12-14/2018)

The class was GREAT... LOTS of material! If they had printed the power points that would be nice. Also, I know some people had to leave towards the end, but DON'T RUSH the material. Maybe I'm the only exception, but I would have stayed till midnight just to learn as much as I can for the $.

Both of the instructors were extremely good! They were probably some of the best I've ever had.

The class size was good. I think big classes are challenging because of all the students and trying to give individual attention. 15 to 20 students with two instructors or maybe one instructor / 5 students is usually a great class size for individualized learning and a better overall experience.

The classroom and class location was fair. I understand last minute planning the course materials that we had could have been a little bit better but I think all in all it wasn't the worst classroom or course materials. It could use maybe a little bit of improvement... but I would say it was it was good. I don't have any complaints.

I look forward to any other classes or events that you may be part of or have to offer. I had an extremely good experience and would absolutely do it again or recommend anybody else.

Ken Barnes (from PA)

Mr. Simpson Testimonials

AAR for High Threat Protection Course (1/12-14/2018)

I recently had the privilege of attending one of the inaugural “High Threat Protection” courses offered by API. The instructors were clearly knowledgeable and seasoned professionals. Their expertise and delivery was on point for imparting massive amounts of knowledge in a short period of time. I feel that they covered a broad range of topics, thoroughly, in a comfortable and fun atmosphere.

The class itself was a great mixture of “High Threat Protection”, “Executive Protection”, and “Close Protection”, with a lot of fun mixed in. It was extremely informative on all levels, and gave a well-rounded view of the jobs. Aaron and Chuck did a great job of making it real with stories that illustrated the real-world application of all the skills taught.

This class would be all you would need to learn the very basics. After that, you would be ready to join a team as one of the new guys, learning the ropes, continuing your training, and growing your career. I am confident with what was taught in this class, and a basic skill-set in many of the security fields, that you could gain an entry level position in the protection industry. From there, it would be on you and your particular skills for how high you would go.

I greatly valued the knowledge and skills I gained in this class. I feel that it was very relatable in many avenues of my daily life and career. I look forward to applying some of the skills and growing my network. And, I definitely look forward to the next class with API.

Toby Groce (from NC)

AAR for High Threat Protection Course (1/12-14/2018)

This past weekend I had the privilege of taking a “High Threat Security” class. My instructor was Chuck Simpson and man did he know his stuff, an amazing guy all around. I really enjoyed the class, meeting new people and most of all actually running scenarios like the one we did with Mrs. Robin, this was actually my favorite part of the class. It was great getting that hands on training, running formations, planning and gathering intel. I wouldn't’t change a thing about this class. The only thing to have changed is the weather (it was cold as hell!!!).

Ronald Openshaw (from PA)