About us

The creators of KEYSTONE CHALLENGE started out with the goal of creating a network of well-trained "squads" throughout the state of Pennsylvania. These regional "squads" would train together throughout the year in order to compete in a year-end event; The KEYSTONE CHALLENGE. The KEYSTONE CHALLENGE would test Squads on their Survival, Radio (HAM) Communication, Emergency First Aid, Firearms and Land Navigation skills.

In addition to Squads testing themselves in the year-end competition, we also promoted networking amongst the regional Squads. We wanted all of the participants to know that no matter where they were within Pennsylvania...they were always within easy reach of a large network of fellow "Keystoners" willing to help out during an emergency...be it civil unrest or a natural disaster.

2018 brings big things to KEYSTONE CHALLENGE (training division and competition). We are MOVING!!! By the end of 2018 we have hopefully finished our new facility. Until we have completed this massive move...we are thrilled to announce we will be holding all our classes/clinics/competition at the incredible SHOOTERS GAUNTLET property, in Bradford County, PA.

Our history

Our very first year we had 5 Squads compete at the September KEYSTONE CHALLENGE. Prior to competing, over 9 Squads trained throughout the year for the chance to meet in September and pit themselves against thier fellow "Keystoners".

2016 was one hell of a year! Not only did we have 2 full days of competition, we also had 2 full days of training! We had the best turn out to date, and both the Survival course (preceeding the competition) and the Team Tactics course (following the competition) were so well-attended...we had to bring in extra instructors for each course. By the end of the long weekend...everyone was absolutely exhausted, but also increedibly happy with the experience. Most people shared that this event was the "greatest thing I've ever done!".

Sadly, one week before the year-end competition, we were forced to cancel the event. Most of our judges were deployed, by their various agencies, to assist with the disaster recovery in Puerto Rico and along the eastern seaboard of the United States.

A new year and a new location for the KEYSTONE CHALLENGE. This year, KC will be held in the northern mountains of Bradford County, PA. This is also the first year we are including a Fitness Module in the year-end event; the Combat Obstacle Course. In addition, we will be utilizing the facilities at SHOOTERS GAUNTLET for a number of the Modules.

Our future

Where do we see ourselves in 5 years? Nationwide! It's not outrageous to envision a nationwide network of people training to overcome a wide variety of potential disasters; from violent civil unrest, to hurricanes, wildfires, floods, economic collapse, etc. And what better way (and safe way) to verify your training is relevant to you and your family surviving any of the above disasters than through a friendly competition?

As we grow the KEYSTONE CHALLENGE network, we strive to also grow our cadre of exceptional instructors. Much of the grass-roots development of the KEYSTONE CHALLENGE is based on a "pay-it-forward" philosophy. Within the Squads, members are expected to teach each other. However, as everone can attest to, building your skills upon a solid foundation is the most effective and efficient way to build a stronger "house". We have collected an incredible cadre of instructors; all highly qualified to teach you what you need to know in order to help you build a rock-solid foundation of knowldge.

The NOW!

So how do you get involved? First, you need to contact us (there is a form on the CONTACT page) and let us know where you live. We will then look at our roster of members and see if anyone is training for KEYSTONE CHALLENGE in your geographic area. Yes... we do maintain a roster. Our roster helps us maintain an open line of communication with all the competitors and training squads. No... we NEVER share our roster! It's not even kept on an open computer. So get in touch with us...and we'll tell you what training squads are closest to you. And if there isn't an active squad in your area, then we'll help you develop your own area squad! Be sure to review all the MODULES on the CHALLENGE page...to make sure you're "up to the challenge"!


THE BIG EVENT!!! This is our year-end competition...pitting Squads against each other to test each others depth of knowledge

Throughout the entire year, Squads gather together to train on a variety of subjects: land navigation, survival skills, emergency first aid, firearms proficency, team-work, radio and hand communications, fitness limits, etc.

Then, in late September or early October, all the Squads convene at the home of the KEYSTONE CHALLENGE to compete against each other for the coveted title of KEYSTONE CHALLENGE CHAMPIONS! Besides a Tab...what else do the Squad members get out of this competition? KNOWLEDGE! But not just knowledge...but also friendship, self-confidence, pride in a job very well-done, adventure and proficiency in skills needed to survive extreme conditions are ALL gained during the competition.

The KEYSTONE CHALLENGE requires you to make a commitment to not only yourself, but to your fellow Squad "brothers & sisters" and to your family. This isn't just a "game". This program becomes a way of life...it can change you...for the better. The skills you learn along the way will make you more aware of your surroundings, enable you to competently assist your neighbors during natural disasters, inspire you to become a more responsible American citizen, and hopefully you will share your newly-learned skills with your family and friends...leading to a sense of community pride and commitment.


Not a single expert on this planet was born an expert! All skills must be learned...and then tested & critiqued in order to verify learning

The KEYSTONE CHALLENGE isn't just about competing...it's about constantly learning! When does most of this learning happen? Within the individual Squads, located throughout the country. We make available a variety of classes/instructors, throughout the year, to teach people the skills they will need in order to compete successfully in the KEYSTONE CHALLENGE. Within the Squad, members fine-tune the skills they learned at whatever class an individual chose to attend...by freely sharing their knowledge with their Squad members and then by drilling on those skills as an entire Squad.

Don't be a spectator on your life! Get out there and take back your independence and confidence! Train to be a winner!